A Short Biographical interview with Sofia Rubina.


a) Birth date and place.


Born in 1985 in Tartu, ESTONIA.


b) Education


At the moment I learn at the secondary school (12 Form).  Also to improve my vocal abilities, I spent one year in Sochi (Russia) at the musical college.


The specialty of my study was music-hall vocal. Simultaneously I had possibility to work with professional JAZZ BIG-band "Sochi" and college jazz band. Also, I studied jazz vocal at the conservatory of Cottbus (Germany) with teacher Marianne Baer.


c) What inspired you to become a singer and who has influenced your



From my childhood I could hear different kinds of music, classic music, Jewish folk music, jazz and rock. Jazz attracted my attention due to the improvisation. And I think that this kind of music gives me a possibility to realize my vocal abilities.     


d) How long have you been singing?


I began to perform from the age of nine.


e) When did you become professional?


I became professional in 2001 at the age of fifteen.


f) Have you studied music with any teacher?


I studied piano playing from the age of 7 to13. Also I studied vocal singing under supervision of vocal teacher.


g) Accomplishments up to date.


I was winner of many competitions on jazz and popular music in Estonia, Russia and Lithuania.


h) Where have you been performing and which competitions have you won?


Now I regularly take part in concerts and sessions in jazz clubs in Estonia, Germany, Russia and Finland. Also I took part in TV shows on Estonian TV (with ETV orchestra) and in Finland (with “Finlanders" orchestra).


 During last 5 or 6 years I took place in different vocal competitions in Estonia, Lithuania and Russia with good and sometimes very good results:


* Tartu competition of young soloists (1996) - the Grand Prix,


* Estonian competition of young soloists at Saaremaa - the first place (1997),


* The soloist's competition organized by Estonian TV "Laulukarussell" -  the second place (2000),


* Estonian competition of young soloists at Saaremaa - the Grand Prix (2000),


* International competition "Hope of Europe" in Sochi (2000, Russia) - the first place,


* Rostov international jazz competition (2001, Russia)  -  the first  place,


* Estonian competition of soloists "Estvokal" - the Grand Prix (2002).


* International competition "Baby sing jazz" in Lithuania  -  the Grand Prix  (2002).


* Third International jazz festival "Nõmme Jazz"  - the Grand Prix  (2002).


  I regularly take part in Summer Pärnu Jazz Festivity.


i) Have you played in major jazz festivals?


I have participated in Pori Jazz Festival in Finland in 2002.


j) Have you performed with internationally renowned jazz legends?


I played with Sergey Manukjan, Marian Petrescu, Ted Curson, and Zhenia Gimer.


k) What kind of music do you like the most and whatever you want to express about music or life.


I like different styles of music but especially jazz and jazz – rock, as well as like many young people, I prefer an active way of life. I love traveling and sports very much. I am fond of break dance, a rock-and-roll and Wu-Shu.