Kawasaki Synthesizer Performer and Composer
Kawasaki Magical Musiquill Cover Page

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Satellite Station was created & recorded in 1983 and used as one of demo songs with Rhythm Rocker.
To see and listen to C64 demo version of this song, Click here
To view Kawasaki Synthesizer Demo, Click here
These demos are included in incredmk.d64 within kawasaki.zip.
Kawasaki Rhythm Rocker
Kawasaki Magical Musiquill Main Screen
Instruction :
(1) Unzip C64 emulator program "WinVICE-1.16.zip" or "css64_32.zip" in to the
new folder named "c64". Please note that "WinVICE-1.16.zip" comes with variety
of Commodore emulators not only limitted to C64. You can use "x64.exe" for C64
emulation using Vice, and Vice seems to have better emulation both sound and
graphic options, however I've noticed some delay when hit keyboard to produce sounds using Vice, this can be slightly improved by choosing sound buffer setting options to 100ms with lower sampling rate, so I'd recommend to use different emulators to find best result for your own.
(2) Read included html instruction files to get familiar with these emulators
(3) Unzip kawasaki.zip and extract all six programs to c64 folder. The files are :
* Kawasaki Synthesizer Composer.d64
* Kawasaki Synthesizer Performer.d64
* Kawasaki Synthesizer Demo.d64
* Kawasaki Magical Musiquill.d64
* kawasaki Rhythm Rocker.prg
* incredmk.d64
(4) Use windows explorer to open "c64" folder.
(5) Drag and Drop each program one at a time on to emulator exe file or it's already opened window for Vice. It will automatically starting to run these programs.
(6) To return to the windows from Emulator or change the screen size etc, follow each instruction.
(7) I'll work on converting manuals for these programs to be available online in the near future.
(8) Alternative keyboard mapping between C64 and PC/Mac is also explained in html document came with emulator package. So, it is recommended to print out that portion of manual until you become familier with the diiference between these keybords to enjoy the full functionality of these programs.
(9) Please feel free to leave a word or two to Mini chat or send Feedback :)


Ryo Kawasaki

P.S. Oh. BTW, if any of you happen to have a copy of Commodore Magazine (Published by Commodore) with an issue with my photo on the cover as well as interview by Bill Milkovski in this issue, please kindly let me know since I could not find it anywhere on the net so far and Iíve accidentally lost original copy of this issue long time ago.

* When the first time Commodore 64 computer hit the market in 1984, I rushed to buy it by paying $600 at some electronic store on 45th street in Manhattan. It was 8-bit with only 64KB of memory. Then I spent two years to write these four programs as well as unpublished Midi-Workstation (8-track real-time Midi recorder) all by machine code using SuperMon without assembler so that it runs fast and leave enough memory for music data. Each of these programs was sold for $49.95 in retail stores furnished with handsome package came with 5-inch floppy disk and manual. In 15 years, now we can buy 1GHz PC for the same price as I bought my first C64. And I wonder what kind of computer we can buy 15 years from now by paying $600?

Click here for Brand new interview at Polish Uncover site talikng about C64 and his music.
Click here to view 'Rhythm Rocker' converted to Japanese Fujitsu FM-7.

*********Download C64 files**********
First, Click here for VICE or Click here for ccs64 to download C64 Emulator for PC with windows95-2000(ccs64_32.zip).
Click here for VICE, or Click here for ccs64 to download C64 Emulator for PC with XP(ccs64_32xp.zip).
Or, Click here to download C64 Emulator for Macintosh.
For more options for Vice Emulators, visit http://www.viceteam.org

Next, Click here to download kawasaki.zip which contains full working versions of all four programs plus special Demo.

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Produced by Ryo KawasakiCopyright 1997-2008, NY, Satellites Records

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