VACV-1009 (CD only)
Ryo Kawasaki
"Love Within The Universe"

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1. Play That Song Again --- Real Audio Track
(Ryo Kawasaki, Ilana Iguana)
2. Kiss Of Life --- Real Audio Track
(Adu, Mattheman, Hale, Denman)
3. Wondering
(Ryo Kawasaki, Ilana Iguana)
4. Soleja My Love
(Ryo Kawasaki, Ilana Iguana)
5. Time
(Ryo Kawasaki)
6. Sea Breeze
(Ryo Kawasaki, Ilana Iguana)
7. Night And Day --- Real Audio Track
(Al B. Sure, Kyle West)
8. Stefka-Kalimanku
(Ryo Kawasaki)
9.Scandalous --- Real Audio Track
(Prince, John L. Nelson)
10. Song For My Farther
(Horace Silver)
10. Change --- Real Audio Track
(Stansfield, Devaney & Morris)

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